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Network  Distributions

1. Whale Echo:

5. Foxxum/Rlaxx:

New Smart TV's release of channels. Currently in Dach, UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy,
Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey LATAM, BENELUX, Nordic

Available in 20Mil Smart TVs and Devices all over the world, to expand the brand. Offered as free channels with fast ads to generate revenue. 

2. PZAZ Platform and white label service

Newly launched platform targeting US, Canada and UK, and other territories as they expand their fan-base. Average viewership at approx. 100,000. We will be offering advertisement rev share as they continue to grow.

3. is a unique platform opportunity:

They offer fast ads! They are distributed on Amazon, Firestick and more!
This is a work in process and more exciting updates and developments are on the way.
Approx. 400,000 viewers and growing!

4. is a platform based out of Cyprus:

This platform has available coverage for up to 20Mil registered viewers across Smart TVs and other devices.




University Communities



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