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Why you should ditch cable

The Return of the Antenna: Free TV is Back and Better than Ever! 

to learn why and how to switch over 

Cable TV? Oh, that’s so 20th century… Not so many years ago, cable promised the ultimate TV viewing experience. The latest programs, movies and sports exclusives piped directly into your living room—what’s not to like? But the experience comes at a cost. The monthly subscriptions that people once scrambled to sign up for now seem less enticing. Thousands of dollars a year, just to watch TV? With inflation eating away at disposable income, householders are scrutinizing their monthly bills to see where savings can be made.


Broadcasters like Maybacks Global & Showfer Media are introducing a new way to experience entertainment in the 21st century. And they are doing that by combining the best of new tech with a revamp of free-to-air technology. David Zucker of David Zucker Productions spearheaded the creation of this pioneering new broadcaster. He says:

“Why pay for quality TV when you can get it free? We’re not only delivering superb content, we’re making it available to everyone. Millions of people now have access to our programming via smart TV apps…and through traditional over-the-air broadcasting, too.” 


That’s right—the antenna is making a comeback. Maybacks Global & Showfer Media has partnered with Antennas Direct to revitalize the technology that made TV great. In cities across America, families are loving the opportunity to experience affordable, multi-channel entertainment.


Of course, many are opting to watch this content via apps, too. The Maybacks Global Network can be found on both Android and iOS platforms. You can choose to be one of the millions who can watch on their smart TVs, or use your favorite mobile device.





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